Our people

Our people are all professionals with a warm personality and one common passion: the growth of people, teams and organisations.

Contact them for an inspiring conversation, an innovative approach, a handy tool, decisive solution, you name it. We like challenging questions and... we love to see you shine!

Our Team

  • Lou Van Beirendonck Founder-Director
  • Alessandra Cool Senior Consultant
  • Jan Vandenwyngaerden CEO Quintessence Group
  • Menalie Vingerhoets Trainee Junior Consultant
  • Eleni Claessens Consultant
  • Ilse Melis Client assistant
  • Laura IsraĆ«ls Hospitality - Client Assistant
  • Charlotte de Groot Senior Consultant
  • Aurelie Walravens Consultant
  • Marleen Malfait Management Consultant
  • Nils Robert Senior Consultant
  • Valerie Deweirdt Senior Consultant
  • Anne Arena Client assistant
  • Patrick Bouts Management Consultant - Certified Personal Coach
  • Ann Bayart Management Consultant - Certified Personal Coach
  • Ineke Bockstael Client assistant
  • Myriam Boittout Senior consultant
  • Charles Senard Senior Consultant - Certified Personal Coach
  • Juno Koekelkoren Consultant
  • Jill Van Weereld Klantassistente
  • Fons Mertens Senior Consultant
  • Marjan Verheyden Senior Consultant
  • Ingrid Van Hove Finance & Accounting
  • Eddy Claesen IT Business Analyst - Data Protection Officer
  • Inge Van den Branden Senior Consultant - Certified Personal Coach
  • Guy Van den Branden Logistics
  • Ann Janssens Directieassistente
  • Annemie Van de Vondel Senior Consultant - Certified Personal Coach
  • Ingrid Celen Klantassistente
  • Christel Van den Branden Marketing & Communication
  • Christel Nuyts Marketing & communication
  • Sandra Gielis Maintenance

International partners

  • Ana Loya Ray Human Capital - Spain, Portugal, Brasil, Peru
  • Susanna Sahli True Colours - Hong Kong
  • Andreas Benoit Benoit Consulting - Switzerland
  • Shreya Sarkar-Barney Human Capital Growth - India
  • Thomas Scharley Scharley & Partners - Germany
  • Binna Kandola Pearn Kandola - United Kingdom
  • Arjan Eleveld Jonathan Warner - The Netherlands
  • Alberto Marino GSO - Italy
  • Jan Kwint LTP - The Netherlands
  • Hulya Ayav ACC Human Capital Consulting- Turkey
  • Maryvonne Labeille Potentiel et Talents - France
  • Marcial Ubilla EBM Consulting - Chili