Assessment Center

Professional advice on the suitability of the participant for the function

You have an internal or external candidate and want to be sure he's appropriate for a particular job. Does (s)he have the right competencies? Is there a satisfactory fit with the function, the environment and the organisation to successfully work together? Our assessment centers don’t just show the pure success criteria, but also reveal the attention points for the onboarding and further development of the employee.

The 6 building blocks of our assessment center programmes:

  • Simulations of critical function-relevant situations
  • Personality assessment
  • Skills tests
  • Competency and motivation direct depth interview
  • Feedback interview
  • (extensive) reporting

Tailor-made assessment center

Based on your concrete question, Quintessence will assemble a tailor-made assessment center. Would you like extensive advice on someone's suitability for a specific function? Then we advise an assessment centre. This includes all 6 building blocks and gives input on competencies, personality, motivation, expectations, cultural fit.

Would you only like to focus on smaller aspects? Then we will develop a shorter programme, such as a focused assessment. This offers a conclusive answer on your specific request and the given context.

Interested in an assessment center?

Feel free to contact us!

Assessment has been in our DNA for about 30 years. Together we will find a no-nonsense solution that makes sense. Tailored is better, not more expensive.