Valuable information about your candidate

Selection interview: talent-oriented and appreciative

During a selection interview, we talk with the candidate about his competencies, based on a previously determined competency profile and with the focus on strengths and growth opportunities. We also pay attention to motivation and what the candidate finds important within an organisation.

The appreciative approach to interviewing strengthens the contact between interviewer and candidate, which delivers valuable information. We look past boundaries and shortcomings, and use our STAR method for it: what can the candidate do? What are his strengths? How does he act, react? What interests, motivates and impassions him?

Based on their professional experiences, we ask participants to describe situations in which they used specific competencies. Using these behaviour-focused questions we appreciatively gauge the experience of the candidate. Example: what collaboration was a particularly positive experience for you?

Fit with the organisation

The selection interview thoroughly delves into the values that the participants finds important and what he expects from his work environment. This way, we can estimate the fit with the organisation.

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