Online assessment

Providing an integrated overview of someone's talents, competencies, personality and motivation sources

Ideal for career and selection trajectories

The online tool Scope³© gives you insight into the qualities of a (future) staff member. This expert system interprets the information from different questionnaires on competencies, motivation sources, personality and working styles. It integrates it all into an overview report with explanations and development tips for each competence. Scope³© is a very user-friendly tool which can be seamlessly deployed in career and selection trajectories.

How it works

The online assessment tool consists of different questionnaires that give answers to the questions ‘Who am I?’, ‘What can I do?’ and ‘What do I want?’. The packet also contains a personality survey (NEO-PIR), questionnaires on influences, working styles and motives. The structured output offers a broad insight into a person’s potential and possibilities.

Recently renewed!

  • Scope³© is now purple: it considers competencies, but also talents
  • We coach the participant in order to get to know himself better and to be able to obtain a positive development
  • More links between the different questionnaires giving a deeper insight in the person and his motivation sources
  • Strengths are pointed out and will be the basis for further development

Use Scope³© according to your needs

You can choose the composition of the question lists, depending on the application or your information needs. Scope³© has an automatic report generator, that you can use to ensure your wishes are met.

If you prefer additional interpretation or clarification of the results by one of our consultants, please let us know.


Scope³© can be completed online and independently. The time it takes to complete depends on the combination chosen (maximum 60 min) and can also be spread across multiple sessions. After the first run, the manager can generate an extensive report with a competence-based evaluation, as well as tips for development based on the results.

Scope³© is available in Dutch, French and English.

Interested in online assessment?

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