Selection outsourcing

Take into account knowledge, competence and motivation

Qualitative selection process : knowing, being able and wanting to

Besides ‘knowledge’ (knowing) and ‘competence’ (being able to), ‘motivation’ (wanting to) is vital to successfully filling a function. A high-quality selection process takes these 3 factors into account. The information necessary for this can be gathered via selection interviews, a tool, individual assessment center, group approach,... or a combination.

Customised selection process

We don’t believe in standard solutions: they're often too expensive and not so useful. The key to an optimal no-nonsense approach? A thorough analysis of your selection request and a constructive discussion about your wishes and experiences.

Do you already have useful information about candidates? Are your requests for the CVs clearly delimited? Let us know. Together, we will optimise the selection and assessment process. Also from a practical perspective: the best time and place, who will do what, what (not) to outsource?

Interested in a selection process?

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