Personal Leadership

Grow in your management capacity and seamlessly combine the various facets of leadership

Leadership Development & Coaching: more coherent leadership for the future

Personal Leadership goes further than other leadership programmes. We help leaders grow in their management capacity and seamlessly combine the various facets of leadership.

We start with each leader’s natural preferences. Is this person more drawn to numbers, or more focussed on people or environment? Does the person combine these perspectives? What could make this person more successful? From where does this person draw energy? How can stakeholder expectations be better integrated? Where are the win-win opportunities? How does the person overcome barriers and solve disruptions and blockages?

In the Leadership Development course we put the leaders in motion. We begin with insight into their present situations and guide them to more coherent leadership for the future.


We combine a range of teaching methods, customised to your needs: theoretic models and scientific insights, case studies, (group) reflection, skill training, simulations, business games, on-the-job and other practical assignments. Active learning is central, and transferring learning to the work environment is a priority.

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Strong Leadership - Open intensive learning programme for middle management

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