Organisation Development

Successful growth trajectory for employees, teams and organisation

Sustainable organisational development

Developing an organisation in motion into a lasting dynamic flows into something more sustainable: a company culture in which initiative, ideas and responsibilities are encouraged non-stop.

Sustainable organisational development uses interaction and dialogue to centralise the connection between people and the organisation. Your staff members are a decisive factor in keeping the organisation in motion. Quintessence guides this awareness so that a necessary development process becomes a successful growth trajectory for employees, teams and the organisation.

Methods of organisational development

In particular, our interventions influence:

  • Involvement and co-creation
  • Quality of the underlying relations
  • Possible synergy between individual, team, organisation and environment
  • Self-reliance and a long-lasting learning effect

Possible development trajectories:

  • Include strategic exercises
  • Workshops on strategic management, on culture change
  • Appreciative inquiry processes
  • (team) assessments and coaching
  • ...

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