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Stakeholder management - open workshop

Workshop - 1 day workshop

As a manager you are in the field of tension between the interests of you and your team (s) on the one hand and the interests of others who have an impact on your result (stakeholders) on the other. Stakeholder management is primarily about building and maintaining relationships with the various stakeholders within and outside your organization.

Good relationship management makes it possible to respond efficiently and effectively to change. It gives you a clear insight into what is going on with the stakeholders and initiates optimal cooperation. A strong network often makes the difference between a decent manager and a genuine leader.


Focus on experiential and active learning, reflection, exercises with real practical cases and knowledge sharing. Where possible, we build the bridge to your actual work situation.

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Date: Thursday, May 14, 2019 (9 am to 5 pm)

Language: Dutch

Price: € 650

Location: Quintessence office Edegem

Afterwards the participant receives a certificate of attendance.

This course is presented in Dutch. Depending on the registrations, this course can also be organized in English.


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