Research & Development

Instruments and methodologies that strengthen the people management of your organization

R&D: own HR-tools and methods

Thanks to our own Research & Development department Quintessence continuously contributes to the scientific basis of HR. We are strong in linking theoretical insights and trends in society with the daily practice of working with people. We innovate and develop our own HR tools and methods based on specific needs of our customers. You can call it customization.

The result? Top instruments and methodologies that strengthen the people management of your organization: an entity in which everyone feels supported and enabled to lift one another to a higher level.

Mix of science and practice

At Quintessence, we attach great importance to the scientific basis of our advices and interventions. The objective observation and registration of human behavior, combined with the effect of qualitative dialogue, is the core of our business. We are driven to do better, to innovate and to refine.

Our collaboration with various universities and management schools creates a mix of the scientific and practical approach of today’s human resources management. We keep informed through surveys and research. Our biennial competence and talent management research is becoming a classic.

Know more about innovation and research?

Read our reference books, white papers or contact us. We are happy to help!