Executive Assessment Center

Professional advice on the suitability of the participant for the function

Executive assessment center: excellent personal assessment

The success factors for those at the top of an organisation are often somewhat different than for other employees. For the assessment of your directors, CEOs and members of management, it is crucial to make them feel valued and for them to find their evaluations to be meaningful and credible.

Assessment by dedicated senior consultants

An Executive Assessment Center focuses on specific competencies such as vision, strategy, result-orientation and leadership, as well as values, intrinsic motivation, career planning and the cultural fit with the organisation and the existing management team.

A dedicated team of senior consultants provides professional advice on the suitability of the participant for the function. They are proficient in both executive assessment as in executive coaching programmes that give high-level managers insight into their strengths and leadership styles, allowing them to magnify their qualities. You can therefore count on experienced guidance.

International profiles? Then we work with a multinational and if necessary, intercultural, team of management consultants with solid business experience at the highest levels.

executive assessment center: meaningful and reliable

An Executive Assessment is a meaningful and reliable evaluation process for prospective directors, CEOs and members of management. Our extensive programme can be built of functionally relevant management cases and extensive depth interviews. It lays bare the skills, experience, personality, values and motives of the participant. We always compile a detailed programme that responds to your concrete request.

The reporting is always in dialogue with the participant. He can explain personal insights, competencies, conviction and motivation. This way, we create an optimal fit and openness in terms of the expectations of the individual, the management team and the organisation.

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