Integrating new staff members into your organisation

Onboarding: integration of new collaborators

Onboarding is a concept from aviation: showing people the ropes when they come on board to guarantee them a comfortable take-off and flight. In company life, onboarding is the process by which new staff members are integrated into organisations. A method that quickly initiates them and empowers them to develop into a motivated, productive and successful force.

Ways of onboarding

There are various ways of efficiently orienting new talent with a company: from a limited to a full onboarding programme. A full onboarding programme can consist of an assessment center and an onboarding trajectory.

After a depth evaluation and your decision to hire the candidate, Quintessence leads a follow-up programme. We give feedback and draft a personal development plan. This plan is followed up together.

Result: A quick, problem-free integration and specific development of your new collaborator. And a caring start has a positive effect on motivation and productivity!

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