Online self-assessment

Personal growth - 2 hours

Discover your strengths and get tips on how to do even better!

What are your strong points? What drives and motivates you? What are your most important personality traits?

Through various questionnaires (Scope³©) you discover your competencies and increase your self-insight. In a personal interview we look at the results together and you will receive tips to grow further as a professional.

Your qualities as a professional

You will gain insight into your qualities as a professional via the online tool Scope³©. This expert system interprets information from questionnaires about competencies, motivations, personality, work and learning styles and integrates it in a report with explanations and development tips per competency.

Scope³©]( answers the questions 'Who am I' 'What can I do' 'What do I want? The questionnaires are varied, making them interesting and non-stressful.

Scope³© : practical and fast

You can fill in Scope³© independently and online. Afterwards, you will receive an extensive report: feedback on 12 competencies that are common in professional profiles, and tips to develop them.

During an online zoom meeting (or telephone call) we discuss your results. This way you can continue to grow as a professional.

Questions? More information?

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About Scope³©

The filling in of Scope³© takes max. 1 hour. You can interrupt in between. During a personal online meeting with one of our consultants we discuss your results (report) and put you on the road to further growth.

Price 420 €

Duration max. 1 hour to fill in the different questionnaires and a personal online feedback meeting of about an hour.