Team Coaching

Based on targeted observation and open discussion, we create new openings and opportunities

Team coaching: collaborate constructively and efficiently

Team coaching allows people to see how they can limit conflicts and strengthen underlying relations to better work together. The emphasis lies on improving the way in which people communicate and get along with each other.

Quintessence is experienced in guiding change processes within and between teams. Depending on your request and assignment, we are happy to fill the role of team coach, mediator or facilitator. In doing so, we apply the principles of Purple Management©. The end goal: let teams work together in a constructive way.

Team coaching: how it works

During an intake interview, our coaches look at the goals of the team coaching with you. Preparatory individual interviews with the team members usually follow. We then begin a series of about 3 collective sessions (1 or more is possibly residential). Depending on your question, the focus lies on refining goals, processes, tasks or the interpersonal collaboration between the team members. To conclude, we provide feedback to the client.

We create new openings and opportunities based on targeted observation and the open discussion of challenges. We work in an appreciative, constructive and future-oriented manner. We rest only when your team is able to work in a self-directed and autonomous fashion.

Target group

Management, executive or operational teams, whether new or established, face serious challenges.

interested in an effective team coaching?

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