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Coaching is no longer foreign to organisations. Managers at all levels, HR professionals and trainers are coaching people in performance, skills and development. But exactly what is involved in coaching? What is needed for it? And if you are already coaching, are you doing it properly?

'Coaching Essentials' offers you a durable base as a coach and provides you with lots of opportunities to learn more about yourself.

Proficient coaching fundamentals

As a coach, you need a strong foundation and a lot of competencies available. With this trajectory you become proficient with the fundamentals of coaching. You'll learn to guide and to coach competence growth.

You'll be ready to run strong coaching sessions and to truly guide people in their growth. Your learning trajectory consists of a 4 training days in group, intervision moments, useful tools,... Varied and to-the-point.

'Coaching Essentials' also opens the door to sevreal other trainings in the market, with which you can become an ICF certified professional coach.

More information

Looking for further information? Would you like a deep understanding of the basics of coaching? Are you interested in taking part in ‘Coaching Essentials’? Don’t hesitate to contact us by email or by calling +32 (0)3 286 82 33. We look forward to helping you.


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