Career Management

Guiding careers and creating extra connection

Career management: steering careers

Career management supports the steering of careers. Organisations want growth, which asks for guidance from the staff. But staff members pass through growth processes and look for a different job fulfillment. With sound career management you guide them through their careers and create extra connection. Together, you look for possible career paths, inside the organisation or outside.

The goal is always a win-win situation.

Focus on the organisation

We draft a career-management process tailored to your organisation. We build further on what you provide and co-construct an approach. The challenge: to match the ambitions and competences of your people with the needs and possibilities of your organisation.

Focus on the staff member

Is your staff member ready for a new challenge? Would you like a broader view of the possibilities?

An orientation centre, maps our the strengths, drive, motivation and how they can be used for optimal gain. We look for the reasons and values, and from there up, we build strong skills, possibilities, plans and dreams. This lets people work with meaning and return on their efforts. An expanded orientation centre takes a day, but there is also a ‘light’ version.

During an open orientation interview, we ask questions instead of measuring. We talk with a staff member about his professional past, skills and motives. Then we reflect on the desired career perspective and how feasible it is.

Did you know that... based on the results of an orientation centre session, you can start with job-crafting and casting?

More information about career management?

Feel free to contact us. Together, we will find an innovative approach to optimise job-crafting and casting.