Competency & Talent management

Competency and talent management tailored to your organisation through Purple Management©

Purple Management©

The implementation of competency and talent management proceeds through Purple Management©. This means taking hard and soft management parameters into account: mission and passion, strong results and strong people, heart and figures...

Traditionally, competence management is built from the perspective of the organisation: mission, vision, roles and functions, desired competencies, etc. With our purple ‘depth vision’ concept organisations can reconcile the perspective of the organisation with that of the staff member. With this approach to HR, we strive for the optimal satisfaction of the organisation and the (potential) staff members.

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Customised competency and talent management

Every organisation that wishes to work with skills and talent must have the necessary tools: a competency model and/or dictionary, a format for the development and creation of competency profiles, a process and practice for assessment of competencies, a vision and method for the development of competencies, a proper vision and method in the field of the rewards of competency growth, understanding of the link between performance management and development management, etc.

Quintessence helps you with the development of a tailor-made approach. But we are also happy to put our tools and instruments at your service. They have proven their value over the years, in various situations and contexts.

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