Organisational Development

Professional guidance of organisations in motion, evolution and change

Organisational development: evolve and develop

If the dynamic in your organisation becomes static, it leads to inertia, doubt and lower returns. A standstill is the enemy of innovation, productivity: of success.

Motion = evolution and development. Sometimes it's necessary to speed up evolution through additional intervention: an enforced change, corrective measures, a constructive or participative process. Our experienced management consultants guide that process of motion and movement, evolution and change.

Process guidance from strengths

Every desired evolution or change is created by people. Progress in an organisation is therefore a collective and result-oriented process. Our process guidance is aimed at optimal collaboration, with everyone working from their strengths. Because strong individuals make strong teams, and strong teams make strong organisations.

Team coaching

Guiding a team is a process with various steps. Are the goals clear? Is the team put together optimally? What interests and strategies are in play?

Our broad experience in working with groups has sharpened our expertise in team coaching. Quintessence has no favourite or standard approach, as these seldom work. Whether it is about the optimisation of your directional committee, board of directors, or a team-building programme for a department. We listen carefully to your question and then provide an effective and conclusive answer.

Interested in a development of your organisation?

Feel free to contact us! We are happy to discuss an appropriate approach to your concrete request.