Retention Management

From your situation and context, we install together a sustainable retention management

Sustainable organisation culture

Productivity, ambition, collegiality, team spirit, growth opportunities... Many factors determine the company culture. Quintessence helps you to lay the indispensable and right accents for a sustainable and positive organisation culture: the very foundation of satisfaction.

Retention: hold on tight, but let go when the time is right

Retention means sustainably employing staff members for as long as it is beneficial for both parties. Retention and engagement go hand in hand. The main challenge for an organisation and for its leaders is therefore to give employees development opportunities, to challenge and inspire them rather than put them on the defensive.

Besides this, it is important to regularly check whether the powers you have on board have brought your organisation further and vice versa. Isn't this the case anymore? Be prepared to wave goodbye. Thank them for their prior services, with all respect for what they meant for the organisation.

Our approach

We are happy to discuss your situation and context. From there, we install with you a growth culture. People who see growth are happy to invest in themselves. And strong people build a strong organisation: where it is good to work. And to keep working. Because there are opportunities.

Interested in Retention Management?

Feel free to contact us! We are happy to discuss an appropriate approach to your concrete request.