Our story

Quintessence: strong roots and 35 years of growth

The 1980s. Assessment comes to Belgium. It’s brought across via American companies but is still in its infancy. At the same time, high unemployment results in a flood of job applicants. There’s little attention paid to dignified, well-thought-out recruitment and selection. A lot of talent is rejected on the basis of first impressions. If there is a psychologist at a screening, it’s limited to a single decision maker, even though making a choice with a variety of people and approaches is far more objective.

The end of August 1988. We are convinced that things can – and must – be better. We start Quintessence. Our name refers to the quintessential essence of someone, their truth and wisdom, stripped of its packaging. People deserve a fair chance to show who they are and what they can do. Justified and professional attention for recruitment, evolution and promotion are the bare minimum in our eyes.

It happens here & now

Today our conviction remains the same.

Making the most of people's uniqueness in a professional context. Ensuring that companies achieve better results by deploying the right talents in a motivating way. These remain the two inseparable aspects of our mission. We deliver them through positive people management, powerful leadership training, contemporary organisational development and sound training of assessors.

We are growing with the hyper-digital era, but a personal approach with genuine contact is still central to our methods. People are looking for genuine connections, win-win situations and sustainable work.

Where the business and human worlds meet and strengthen each other, a beautiful new added value is created. Along with our parent organisation House of Talents, we love to contribute to that.

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