Performance management

Performance Management

Ensure that people and companies can make the most of their growth potential


Good performance management increases the quality of the direction and facilitates targeted improvement. Clarity and a win-win situation for the organisation and its staff members.

Performance management clarifies the way in which people can make daily contributions to the strategy of the organisation. It clearly states what is expected of each party in order to reach strategic goals. A staff member knows perfectly well what contribution he/she is delivering to the goal of the organisation, which gives self-confidence.


Quintessence fine-tunes the strategy of your organisation and translates it via a structured process to concrete goals and results. We follow up these goals, evaluate and if necessary, revise them. Staff members have a delimited role: there is no ambiguity as to what they mean to the organisation and vice versa. They are responsible.

We base our methods on scientific know-how and years of experience. We look at your organisation openly and creatively. Intuitive, but with business knowledge, we develop methods that strengthen the performance of people and structures.


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