Training courses

Training courses

We encourage people and organisations to grow and strengthen each other. Together with our clients, we make the difference.

Discover below our full range of training courses on "assess people", "develop people" and "engage people".


Behaviour-oriented Interviewing

2 days - supports the implementation of your recruitment and selection policies

Internal Assessor Training

In-company programme - train internal assessors for the selection of new staff

Certified Competency Assessor

In-company programme - Indispensable for increasing knowledge and experience in the field of competency assessment


Executive Decision Making

In-company programme - 3-day workshop


In-company programme - two-day workshop (+ follow up session)

Strategic Thinking

In-company programme - two-day workshop (+ individual coaching session)

Growing as a Professional

Personal growth - individual

Performance and Evaluation Interviews

In-company programme - one or two-day workshop

Supporting the development of your staff (PDP)

In-company programme - one-day workshop

Giving and receiving feedback

In-company programme - Workshop of 1 day

Strong Leadership

In-company programme - intensive learning trajectory

Stakeholder management

Workshop - 1 day workshop

Coaching Essentials

Open course - learning trajectory

Coaching Essentials - In-company trajectory

Tailor-made learning trajectory

Coaching for Business - Incompany trajectory

Tailor-made learning trajectory


Evaluating your staff

In-company programme - one to three-day workshop

Leadership Development

In-company programme – 3 days or more
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