In-company programme - two-day workshop (+ follow up session)

Why this training?

Experts as well as executive managers and directors are regularly facing situations in which they'll need to exercise persuasion on others. During the training 'More persuasiveness' we explore the competency ‘persuasiveness’.

For who?

Experts, executive managers and directors.


  • The way in which impact may be ignored
  • Your own implicit influence strategies
  • To deal with others’ resistance
  • To more strongly formulate your own message while giving attention to others’ interests
  • To influence both in verbal and non-verbal ways

This behavioural training contains multiple exercises and experiments. We make efficient use of video feedback and we encourage participants to reinforce each other.


A persuasiveness program ideally consists of two training days, following each other immediately. A follow-up session is the next part of the learning process.

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