Team building

Team building

To function more efficiently and effectively as a team


Quintessence helps people to work together constructively. We have developed our own methodology from our years of experience with groups and the building of teams on different organisational levels. This is especially directed towards helping a team to function more efficiently and effectively in its day-to-day practices.

We pay attention to sharing the same goals, the clarity of roles and unambiguity of working methods within the team, as well as the underlying personal relations. Every programme is tailor-made: we take into account the character and needs of the organisation and the team in particular.


A team building programme can last for up to 3 days, with 1 or more follow-up sessions on the work floor. Our specialised consultants offer great value as process guides and as experts in group dynamics.

Together with you, we prepare your team for the programme and ensure its successful implementation. Quintessence can organise your team-building programme at your workplace or on location in Belgium or abroad.


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