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Quintessence strengthens your people management, so that people and organisation can sustainably strengthen each other


People Management is often measured by happy employees, a decent retention, a transparent rewards system etc. The added value of HR focuses ever more on its concrete contribution to company results: HR is rightfully becoming a business partner. Everything rises or falls with professional competencies and processes in this area.

Quintessence helps you to keep the essence of your people management anchored within your organisation. In close collaboration, we develop and implement a sustainable policy for people management that’s linked to your values and goals. We are a specialist in tools, methods, trainings and systems that guarantee success.

Our purple management vision finds gradual penetration in a large number of private, governmental and care sectors. Why? Our approach noticeably different: innovative, more human and, as a result, more efficient.

Every organisation is a mix of different people, disciplines and competencies. Through active people management, we recognise differences and strengths by interweaving them. In doing so, we create a body in which everyone feels supported and raises each other to a higher level.


Quintessence has already developed its own HR tools for 30 years that support the growth of your people and your organisation. We are constantly innovating to ensure quality, user friendliness and flexibility. Our tools are all scientifically-founded, extensively tested and validated.


Our tools work perfectly together. For example, you can effortlessly integrate data from Perspective (feedback) and CAI (Competency Analysis Instrument) in your HR management system. Using data exchange, you have continuous access to the most up-to-date data so you can perform clear, up-to-date analyses. This makes it easy to communicate the results within your organisation.


Genuine organisational development begins with a solid foundation, sources people can draw from to make the right interventions. Every day, Quintessence develops programmes in organisational development. On multiple levels, they nurture a sustainable, efficient and human policy.

Besides our open programmes, we can also design a programme tailored to your organisations.


Career management

Guiding careers and creating extra connection.

Competency & talent management

Competency and talent management tailored to your organisation through Purple Management©.

Executive leadership audit

In-depth analysis of the leadership qualities of the executive team.

Managing change

We see, show and use new opportunities through a customised approach.

Organisational culture traject

Development opportunities tailored to your organisation.

Performance management

Ensure that people and companies can make the most of their growth potential.

Retention management

Starting from your situation and context, together we install sustainable retention management.
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