Internal assessor training

Internal Assessor Training

In-company programme - train internal assessors for the selection of new staff


During a selection interview, you talk with the candidate about his competencies, his motivation and what he finds important within an organisation. A tailored assessor training teaches your internal collaborators to gather valuable information about your candidate.

Looking for a long programme? Have a look at Certified Competency Assessor.

For who?

This training is destined for those managers who regularly attend one specific assessment program or whom you want to engage as an assessor, guided by external consultants or professional staff from your HR department.


This training is directly aimed towards competencies specific to your assessment program, and geared towards educating your managers to become competent peer-assessors. By transferring our know-how we essentially make ourselves redundant.


This assessor training of 3 or more days can be organised for your organisation on a residential basis.

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