Stakeholder management

Stakeholder management

Workshop - 1 day workshop

Why this training?

As a manager you are in the field of tension between the interests of you and your team (s) on the one hand and the interests of others who have an impact on your result (stakeholders) on the other. Stakeholder management is primarily about building and maintaining relationships with the various stakeholders within and outside your organization.

Good relationship management makes it possible to respond efficiently and effectively to change. It gives you a clear insight into what is going on with the stakeholders and initiates optimal cooperation. A strong network often makes the difference between a decent manager and a genuine leader.

Focus on experiential and active learning, reflection, exercises with real practical cases and knowledge sharing. Where possible, we build the bridge to your actual work situation.

For who?

Experienced Executives and Project Managers


  • How to expand your network and find allies, supporters and helpers in your professional environment?
  • How to increase your chances of a "click" or "match" in professional relationships?
  • What to do with opponents and people with other professional interests?
  • How to deal with professional relationships in which power, trust and authenticity are crucial?
  • How can you influence who, when and how of the key people in your environment (hierarchy, colleagues, suppliers, customers, etc.)?
  • How to effectively deal with corporate policy behaviors and increase your influence?
  • How to recognize influencing styles of yourself and others.

After this training you will get a better grip on the different interests and stakeholders around your policy and projects. You have more insight into the political processes in an organization and you learn how to influence important decisions. This all strengthens your position properly.


LOCATION: At your location, at a location of your choice or at ours.

PRICE: to be discussed in function of the number of participants, the chosen location, tools and possible extra literature for your participants.

Want to know more? A good conversation with an expert is often the basis for a decisive approach. Calling or an online meeting is also possible, of course!

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