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Coaching Essentials - Incompany trajectory

Tailor-made learning trajectory

Why this training?

Coaching is an essential part of any organisation. Managers at all levels, HR professionals and trainers are coaching people in performance, skills and development. But exactly what is involved in coaching? What is needed for it? And are you doing it properly?

'Coaching Essentials' offers your people a durable base as a coach and provides them with lots of opportunities to learn more about themselves.

As a coach, you need a strong foundation and a lot of competencies available. With this trajectory people become proficient with the fundamentals of coaching. They'll learn to guide and to coach competence growth.

Your (team)leaders, HR-staff, ... will be ready to run strong coaching sessions and to truly guide people in their growth.

The learning process can consist of 4 group training days with intervision moments, individual coaching sessions, handy tools, ... A varied and to-the-point course, in function of what your organisation and your people need.

'Coaching Essentials' also opens the door to several other trainings in the market, with which you can become an ICF certified professional coach.

For who?

Everyone who wants to lay a solid foundation for individual coaching. It makes no difference whether you’re a HR professional, leader or coach.

This training is conducted by experienced trainers with a proven track record in guiding and coaching organisations in a business context.



An individual self-assessment using the Scope³© questionnaire, will give insight into yourself: skills, knowledge, attitudes and motivation. You’ll need it to further help others. The output is the perfect starting point for your personal development plan/PDP.


You'll receive insights, practise intensively and learn:

  • What coaching is and isn’t
  • The competencies of a good coach and how to develop them
  • To guide a coaching trajectory
  • To concretise a coaching demand
  • To listen actively, ask the right and probing questions
  • To run coaching sessions by using various models and methods
  • To give feedback spontaneously
  • To transform resistance into positive action
  • Competence development and guiding the PDP
  • The power of coaching for development (in yourself and others)
  • Your strengths and growth points as a coach


You'll gain experience by coaching your own learner. Quintessence helps you so that this becomes your first success.


Exchanging experiences and frustrations, sharing successes, ...: it boosts your learning process.


We include individual coaching sessions, to offer full support in any aspects requiring further clarification or practice.

We will familiarise you with various models and methods. You’ll also receive support tools to facilitate your first steps into coaching. A great chance that you’ll still be using them 10 years later!


DATA: To be agreed upon

TIMINGS: 9am to 5pm is the classic timetable, but we can also work in other regimes depending on your requirements

LOCATION: a Quintessence Consulting office or any other location can be determined by mutual agreement


With a training from Quintessence you know you are on the right track. The latest Q*for audit shows that the participants in our training courses are satisfied to very satisfied. Participants receive a certificate of participation.

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