Strong leadership

Strong leadership

In-company programme - intensive learning trajectory

Why this training? 

Strong middle managers are vital for an effective, viable organisation. We expect them to not just be managers, but also leaders: authentic, inspiring and results-oriented.

During the "Strong Leadership" training, you make the most of your business experience, you strengthen your leadership skills and you bring your performance, and that of your organisation, to a higher level. We will help you become a leader who takes people, organisation and context into account: a sustainable leader.

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For who?

Suitable for who wants to actively work on the development of its leadership:

  • You're a middle manager who wants to become a more sustainable, better performing and more efficient leader
  • You're a manager, ready to take a new step along your career path
  • You're a manager who wants to build a stronger position in your contacts with stakeholders

Learning goals: you will

  • Increase your impact as an authentic leader

  • Be aware of your leadership style

  • Acquire insight into your context and how you have successfully made the most of it
  • Be able to translate a strategy into concrete targets
  • Reach a balance between the different interests (people, profit, planet/context)
  • Build sustainable relationships and a meaningful network
  • Increase your employability and the commitment of the people you work with
  • Achieve more sustainable results with your people and your stakeholders


The full trajectory includes all training modules, the hours of personal guidance, professional leadership assessment with individual feedback, personal growth project, individual coaching, digital course material and the book 'Purple Management'.

Do you work for the government, the non-profit sector, in education or for a healthcare facility? Then you qualify for a 10% discount.

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