Individual Coaching

Working on your development in a constructive way

Individual coaching: development with a personal coach

Do you want to take a thorough look at your development ? Discuss your career ? Focus on one or more specific skills ? A personal coach listens independently, without judgement to what you say and ask.

A personal coach helps you to

  • Find new, challenging goals
  • Map out the way to accomplishing them
  • Learn new skills
  • Keep your motivation high so that you can also reach your goals
  • Make adjustments as required

Interactive, experience based and constructive

We approach people constructively and make them conscious of the way in which they view or tackle certain affairs. We work interactively with a focus on experience to create strong(er) professionals. The integrated learning trajectory is based on 4 principles: self-direction, result-orientation, process evaluation and confidentiality.

The coaching is done according to your learning preferences and at your pace. A great deal of input is expected of you: it is your growth process. In turn, you can be sure of a pleasant and targeted collaboration.

The personal coach that suits you

Quintessence sees coaching as a high quality and personal contact between the coach and the coachee. We have an extensive team of coaches, each with their large experience, training and specialisation. Together, we choose the coach who suits you best.

Interested in individual coaching?

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