Organisational Culture Traject

Development opportunities tailored to your organisation

Image of the leadership in your organisation

The Organisational Culture Programme offers development opportunities tailored to your organisation. With our intensive guidance, you see considerable progress, quickly. Cultural change works exponentially when you begin with the leaders. Management must set the example, which gives a boost to every change process.

The Organisational Culture programme starts with an audit of the leadership within the organisation. What is the primary focus and is it shared by everyone? Do the leaders pay attention solely to their own outputs, or do they take other players into account? How are the quest for results and the human element united? Does the pursuit of profits have the right impact? Is the culture ‘open’ or ‘political’? How is the organisation evolving and where do you want it to go?

Through qualitative and quantitative surveys, we develop an image of the leadership and sketch growth paths for the future. We can even accompany you along these new paths, on the individual, team and/or organisation level.

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