Our unique purple vision

Our sustainable purple vision stimulates people and organisations to stay in motion, in order to strengthen each other and reach their goals

Taking into account hard and soft management parameters

A strong organisation consists of strong people, but most of all of a powerful vision, that creates a genuine connection and inspires leaders and functional systems that structure the entire situation. Introducing Purple Management© in your organisation strengthens all these facets at the same time. Purple managing means taking into account hard and soft management parameters, with mission and passion, strong results and strong people, heart and hard figures… The goal is always to arrive at a win-win situation.

Every day, Quintessence invites CEOs and company leaders to ‘purple’ their organisations. With great success.

We encourage organizations to sustainably strengthen themselves through 4 crucial Cs: continuity, competence, compatibility and commitment. These Cs are the building blocks of the purple growth model. We integrate them in every intervention within people management.

Purple creates a flywheel effect to movements, a positive spiral.

And you? Test here how purple your organisation is!