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Coaching for Business - Incompany trajectory

Tailor-made learning trajectory

This intensive training course focuses both on developing coaching skills and on the practical business context. In short, you will receive in-depth training as a personal coach in job-related topics.

You will learn various coaching skills and insights into coaching principles that will enable you to work in a variety of business contexts with issues that employees may be facing. Issues that may be related to their personal functioning, stress, career issues, growth in an organisation, ...

Interesting to know

Domains such as developmental coaching, stress and burnout coaching, career coaching and team coaching are introduced within the programme. Of course, we do not form you into an in-depth expert in these different sub-domains of business coaching, but after this programme you will be able to offer added value within an organisation in relation to these different sub-domains.

After successful completion, you will be confident to take on any coaching intervention at work. You will also receive a certificate to this effect.

More information

We are working hard on this training during the summer. Keep an eye on this page for further concrete information!

Would you like to exchange ideas right now about training coaches in your company, hospital or government department?

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