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Coaching guidance

In-company programme - two-day workshop

The evaluation rounds are over. What now?

You want to further support your people in their growth. But how do you do that? You want to help them as much as possible with their development requests, but the path you need to take isn’t always clear. What role can you play? How do you motivate them and how can you come to a result-oriented development plan?

How do you become a better coach for your staff members?

The ‘Coaching Guidance’ course gives you insight into how you can offer more professional ‘on-the-job’ coaching. You learn to give your people result-oriented guidance so they grow and perform better.

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You receive three months of extra access to Evolutips®, our online tool that supports you in shaping your own development plan, as well as those of others.


With a training course from Quintessence, you know you’re on the right track. From the latest Q*for audit, it appears that the participants in our training courses are ‘Satisfied’ to ‘Very Satisfied’. You’ll receive a certificate of participation.

SME portfolio

You can also finance your training courses with us using the SME portfolio. For more information, take a look at www.kmo-portefeuille.be. Quintessence Consulting is a recognised training provider: Registration number DV.0104503.


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